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25 free spins for Rocket Fellas at Casino X

Wave a pickaxe - Collect diamonds, rubies!

If your gnome is often sad in Rocket Fellas and you no longer know how to entertain him, hurry to our explosive and entertainment center "Gnome-Tikhogrom"! We will keep your kid occupied, give him a personal shovel, a block of explosives and even a rocket for especially epic explosions. Security is always under control, each gnome is looked after by a specially trained Snow White. In addition, no one leaves our center empty-handed, because all the gems obtained can be taken home. By the way, just today we have a special offer: bring two gnomes for the price of one and get a special gift for your deposit!

25 free spins at Rocket Fellas

To activate the gift, you must:
1. Go to your personal account.
2. Choose a gift at the box office.
3. Make a deposit of 500 rubles.
4. Please your Grumpy.

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