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Casino X: secret free spins!

Would you like to know how to get the treasures of the golden tomb? First, buy a ticket to Egypt. Then find a guide and go on an exciting excursion to the pyramids, where be sure to get behind the group. Wait until the end of the working day, wrap yourself in bandages and scare the guards at the entrance. Do not forget to take a torch, it will help you to pass through the dark corridors of the labyrinth. How do you like the plan? There is also a shorter way: go to the category with promotions on the Casino X website, find there an ancient artifact that will open the entrance to a tomb filled with treasures. It can be activated by the power of a magic deposit: 20 free spins in the Temple of Tut!

To activate a gift, go to your personal account, select a gift at the checkout and make a deposit of 250 rubles or more.

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