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In order to finally convince you that Casino X is the best place where you can relax, unwind and earn decent money, we have collected real reviews of Casino X from our players in this section. They have already rated slots from NetEnt, Quickspin and other legendary providers - and shared their opinions.

Casino-X is a serious online casino that cares about its reputation and puts the convenience and comfort of its players above its own profit.

Casino x reviews 2021
Reviews from Casino X players

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Read the reviews of Casino X below and you will understand that the statement about the unheard of generosity of the casino is not just empty words. And thousands of players around the world have already been able to see this.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to collect absolutely all the reviews. Casino x on one page - there are a lot of them on the Internet. That is why we only post those that are randomly selected. However, this is enough to understand that Casino X is exactly the place that will allow you to experience an incredible sense of drive and a unique taste of victory, if Lady Luck suddenly smiles at you!

Reviews casino x 2021
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If you are not convinced by the real reviews of Casino X, there is only one way left - register and appreciate the generosity of this casino yourself. Try it and leave your feedback! Thus, you will help other online gambling fans make their choice.


I'm a gambler by nature

I am a gambler by nature, I like to roll the reels in a casino. It's a shame when gambling sites block and take away winnings under the pretext that I break the rules. So I became disillusioned with Vulcan, Goldfish and Misterbit. On the advice of a friend, I switched to Casino-X, so far I am satisfied. From time to time I am lucky here to win big. I don't use any strategies or programs. And the casino also has an honest policy. A couple of months ago, I raised the jackpot here by 700 thousand rubles. I put it on a withdrawal and received my winnings within 24 hours. I am sure that I will not be thrown for money. Checked repeatedly.


List of my clear favorites among on-line casinos

The list of my clear favorites among on-line casinos begins with Casino X. It is no secret that any gambler plays on several on-line platforms in parallel. Because it seems to us that the casino is cheating here, the slot is twisted here, but here they refuse to pay at all. But with Casino X, things are different. I can't win large sums, but I will withdraw my winnings 100%. The machines are all licensed, so the moment with setting up the game in favor of the casino can be excluded. Payments are generally like in a pharmacy, although you will have to go through the verification procedure. But it's worth it - the application and withdrawal takes place within a couple of hours!

Zhenya Shik

Tinkering with pleasure - only in the X

You can tink everywhere. But tinkering with pleasure - only in the X. You twist and understand everything for you here, everything for me. Everyone would work like that!

Evgen Ruban

X casino awesome place

X Casino is an awesome place, whatever one may say. No matter how much I sit in it, I understand that there is no better. The rest either slows down, then they do not like my docks. There were no problems with casino x at all. Good.

Danila Petrov

Stylish, high quality.

Casino X is the first casino for me where design and work have been approached in a modern way. Stylish, high quality. One newsletter they have is worth something - you want to spin it outright. Well, the casino itself is good: slots are given normally, there are no troubles with withdrawal, they do not torment with verification. Excellent!

Max Kozlovsky

I'm a longtime loader

I'm an experienced loader. Already 8 years somewhere. Played all kinds of things. Filled in, otmazyvatsya, skidded, brought out - it was different. I can say for sure how it is not necessary and should not be deported. I've been in casino X for over a year. Not a trash heap, everything is openwork. Cashback would be more, but here, like everyone else, I'm not particularly complaining. I communicated with support 3 times when I took it out. I passed the verification 1 time, even before the first depot (yes, this is possible, it helps a lot).

The result is 8 out of 10 (sometimes you want more bonuses;)

Alexander Zinoviev

I started playing recently

Casino x

I started playing recently. I watched streams, read reviews, tried to play in free mode. It was interesting, I liked it, but somehow I did not dare to gamble for money. I watched different casinos (10+), but they all looked like from the nineties. Then I found Casino X. And so I liked it. There was some kind of confidence. I decided to drop a little and start. The first three depots were filled in minus)) But I liked it. Feelings cannot be conveyed at all. Cool games, emotions of the sea. And from the fourth depot, I returned the drained one. And calmly brought everything out. Now I continue to play here. Great casino!

Newbie Anton

Casino X works great for me

I come to Casino X perfectly when I want to give up everything and relax for a while. I spin the roulette here and sometimes hang out in the slots. There is just a gorgeous selection of both roulettes and slot machines. It’s all the more cool that while I’m on the bus or in the metro, I can play from my smartphone - I don’t always work at home. But in the evenings I try to have noon at least once a week, I like to be naughty with my nerves.

I can't name the negative about Casino X, everything is cool.

Luder Pro

Casino norms.

Casino x

Casino norms. I like it completely: there are a lot of slots and a good selection. It's also good that they constantly send a link to the mirror, no problems with access. I play poker and roulette here, sometimes I sit on slots. It's also good that there were never breaks and mistakes during the game, even when I was good at it. They work competently at Casino X, I like it. For bonuses separately - they always throw something up, you can safely play. I saw messages about jackpots, but I haven't received it myself yet, but I rarely sit in slots. I relax here in the evenings, everything is top.

Akhmed Zakiev

I'm a pretty gambling man

Casino x

I like everything !! I am a rather gambling person - I was very pleased that there are favorite slots (Sakura and CrystalQuin), and something new is constantly appearing. And all this is free to play. I've always liked to twist and experience the excitement: right inside it tickles from it. I haven’t made big bets yet, but I won pleasantly three times in sakura. In general, who for emotions and pleasure - all here!

Sasha Petrova

Casino X is a great outlet for me

Casino x

Casino X is a great outlet for me. I don't follow tournaments, I just hang out in the evenings. Who cares, but I like to spin the slots: adrenaline perfectly invigorates and fatigue kills. At work, I communicate with people a lot, so I need relaxation in the evening. The casino works great, there are many slots, technical support is always polite and efficient. I do not know who and how, but I get my pleasure in Casino X completely. If anything, I won already, there were no problems with the withdrawal. If there are, I will write about them separately later.

Oleg Likhovsky

Slots and slots at Casino X are just gorgeous

Slots and slots at Casino X are just gorgeous. Very exciting, and when the bonus game is about to begin, your heart skips a beat. I do not consider myself to be gambling, but I really love this feeling that something healthy is about to happen. It’s very nice.

And the rest is just a great casino. It works constantly, mirrors are no problem, promotions and other amenities do not end there either. I communicated with support a couple of times - they made me happy. Very polite, all questions were answered and explained. Personally, I believe that all other casinos should work this way. Very cool!

Zhenechka Fedorova

Pro Slot Pro 100

Casino x

I trudge from updates. Not a gaggle, but I love to test all the new items that are released by Quickspin, Novomatic and Yggdrasil. These are top providers, they always have unusual and cool games.

Every time I expect something new: and it appears regularly. I even put it under this business, a couple of times I caught drifts, but I did not deduce from emotions, I just twisted on, purely for fun. A friend of mine is aiming for the jackpot, and I play for fun, Casino X perfectly helps me to get out of my head and just be with myself. So then I walk around happy all week.


Casino X for me is a squeeze of pleasure.

Casino x

Casino X for me is a squeeze of pleasure. I don't play especially for money, I have a rest with them. I disconnect from problems, set music norms, spin slots. Sometimes I warm up in a demo, then I go through small stakes in my favorite Book of Dead and Sakura Fortune.

I don't particularly follow different online casinos, once I found exactly X, and I'm not going anywhere else. It is comfortable, beautiful and pleasant here. The main thing is that there are all the games that are interesting to me, but there are no problems with their work and access to them.

As a result, I will say this: Casino X is a great place to relax and have fun. Cool games and cool atmosphere.

Vlad Buranov

The money came within 24 hours! Casino X, thanks, I will continue to hang with you

The story is this: yesterday I won 60,000 rubles in slots. I used to play more in demo modes, but then I decided to try it for real money (small). As a result, I made a deposit of 5000. I thought that I had already lost everything (I never got upset, there was a lot of emotions and pleasure), but when there were only a few bets of 500 rubles each, I got free spins in Gonzo Quests.

Now I'm waiting for the conclusion. The documents were checked (they said that this was only done once), the conclusion was drawn up. It should come to the map. So far, everything is fine and there are no questions to Casino X, how I will decide on the money - I will write it down.

PS money came within 24 hours! Casino X, thank you, I will continue to hang out with you!

Vitaly Viktorov

Made a bonus in “Crystal Queen” !!!!!! Brought 10k

Made a bonus in “Crystal Queen” !!!!!! He brought in 10k, poured 2k on the little things, and then put 6k and knocked out the bonus .. And she piled like it !!! Now I bring out 110k of net profit. I haven’t played anymore, but I’ll take it out and continue. All generous bonuses!

Ivan Alexandrov

Perfect Casino X

The perfect casino. Found it by accident - but I've been playing here for three months. Top style and an unrealistic lot of slots. On the site they write that there are more than 800 - I did not check, but a lot. Everything works cool and displays winnings.

Peter Efimov

Cool casino - play with my husband!

Cool casino. We play with my husband in turns, we win a little. One pleasure from the site, and from the support service, and from the games. My husband is more and more at poker, and I am in the machines in the evening. Thank you casino X!


Lucky sometimes at Casino x, they pay regularly

I don't know how and who wins there. I get lucky sometimes, but I haven't hit jackpots yet, while I play a little. But I don’t make big bets either, I play more for fun.

Mr Danzig

Play at Casino X at Rise to Olymp

I play at Casino X at Rise to Olymp. Reminiscent of the Moon Princess, only better and more generous, it seems. Great place to have fun. He came out on top and withdrew 23k rubles from the casino. No problem. If suddenly banned - unsubscribe here.

Sergey Petrov

Excellent casino-x portal

Excellent casino-x portal. I play for money, I have never had any problems with replenishment or withdrawal of money. The site works like a clock, for me this is important. There have never been any crashes or brakes on slots, I have never lost money here. I play little by little, and occasionally make big bets. While in positive territory) And they withdraw quickly. This is how a casino should be!

Nikolay Sergeev

Found the official site of casino X and registered

My first review on Casino X. It happened more than three months ago. Since then, only here all the time. I like games, I like to tickle my nerves. At the same time, they do not impose pop-up windows and do not open other windows due to clicks in an unnecessary place. Great casino! Sincere!

Milena Astafieva

Now I play at Casino X - the slots are simply gorgeous.

Newbie here. Played in other casinos. Found it, went to see the reviews. I didn't really like the fact that I was waiting for the verification of documents for a long time. I already thought that nothing was working. But it worked. Now I play - the slots here are simply gorgeous. And the dealers are cool. I haven't won a lot yet, so I gained a little and won back the dep. They gave a promo code - free spins were poured. Thank you!

Nikolay Smirnov

Last year, I lost a little on a regular basis here, but I won big on New Year's.

I've been playing here for a long time and I'm fine. Last year I lost a little on a regular basis here, but I won big on New Year's. Thanks to Santa Claus - he took his 50k. Sharply came out in plus. Thanks for the quick withdrawal!

Peter Sviridov

I really like casino X !!!

I was looking for such beautiful games for a long time and found it right here. Thanks to Casino X for Sakura Fortune, I love it. Everything is very beautiful. And others too. I play a little on weekends and even win a little. They always take everything out and the managers are very polite in support. You are the best !!!!!)))))


Raised almost 100 pieces here in a month! And you are all suckers and losers, hahahah)))

Raised almost 100 pieces here in a month! And you are all suckers and losers, hahahah)))


Started playing at this casino X

I started playing this casino X when I finally became disillusioned with Vulcan, Joy and others like him. At first, I didn't really believe the laudatory texts on this site, and when I was able to wind up slots for 15 mowers in two hours I almost ooh * ate! I never thought there were such casinos. Earlier, I never won more than 5 pieces at all, but here it is right away.


Casino X norms website - everything is simple and clear

Without any distracting bells and whistles, it loads briskly. The machines themselves look gorgeous, I have never seen such machines, even a volcano that pops up everywhere, nervously smokes on the sidelines ... I decided to try to play purely for pleasure, I was not interested in winning at all, I just like to come and relax with a beer. I almost got crazy when I was able to lift as many as 10 pieces in half an hour! This happened to me for the first time. Before that I tried many different casinos, but only a dozen in half an hour. I didn't even think that it was possible to spin slots with such a profit. Recommend to try guys.


I sat, read and decided to check the unheard-of generosity and decency of Casino X

I got to your site by accident when I was looking for an online casino in a search engine. I sat, read and decided to check the unheard-of generosity and decency of Casino X, about which they wrote so persistently there. At first I played the slots without the bubble, but somehow it didn't work. I registered, put 20 bucks on a deposit and lost everything in half an hour. With the thought that they divorced me again, I did not come here for two days. Then he threw some money again and again the same song. Well, I think, if for the third time the same picture repeats, khan to you, generous casino. I threw five at the depot and finally the matter flooded into a plus! I thought there would be problems with the withdrawal of an honestly won, but everything is chic - although I have only tried electronic money so far, maybe there will be problems in a different way. In short, I liked it. It's easy to play, the slots are cool, they don't throw money with the money. So, cool, comrades!


It is unlikely that you can earn a lot here - so, there is only enough for beer or cigarettes.

Maybe, of course, it's just me that is so unlucky, people write that they raise serious money. But today my opinion is, if something changes, I will write.


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