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10 free spins at Pirate's Charm at Casino X

Casino x pirate's charm

10 free spins at Pirate's Charm

Ten pirates were catching a mermaid
And John got lost in the area of three pines,
Suddenly there were nine left, one for fishing!
A sad tale - there are eight of them left.
And Flint Captain sits and drinks rum
They had to catch them in seven ways.
Two brothers left the gun to shoot,
Others are in the ranks, but there are only five of them!
Two more comrades, real heroes,
Let's go eat the soup - there are now three others.
One of the pirates got hooked
Another suddenly stood rooted to the spot,
Now this story has become about
Tom remained as one-on-one with the mermaid.
If you help to escape from him,
Then you can take a share of the treasures:

To activate the bonus, you need to go to your personal account on the Casino-X website, select a gift at the checkout, make a deposit of 500 rubles or more and count the piastres. Free spins will be available both in the mobile version and on the PC with a rate of 20 rubles. Winnings from free spins will be withdrawn to a bonus account with wagering requirements of x20.

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