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Early release of a novelty from Thunderkick!

Exclusive access to the Carnival Queen
Be the first on the red carpet!


What if it's time to get ready for the premiere of an enchanting event, before the premiere start of the game from Thunderkick, and you don't have a carnival costume? Don't panic, because you have our wide range of looks at your disposal!
Suit # 1 - Pirate. Break off the leg at the bedside table, use scotch tape and yo-ho-ho to attach it to the leg. Drink rum, wheeze like a canal, tear off the vest from your grandfather. Add to each phrase "A thousand devils!" and "Oh, you land rat!"
Costume number 2 - Ballerina. Eat a leaf of lettuce for a week and tiptoe. In any unclear situation, twist a fouetté and plie. If someone asks you to make a minuet, pretend to be offended.
Suit # 3 - Carnival Star. Wrap yourself in foil, put a disco ball on your head, spread your arms and legs and spin. Congratulations, you are a star! Now, for completeness of the image, it remains only to activate the gift:

50 free spins on Carnival Queen

To activate the gift, you must:
1. Go to your personal account.
2. Choose a gift at the box office.
3. Make a deposit from 1000 rubles.
4. Win a costume contest.

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