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25 free spins on Yeti Battle of Greenhat Peak

Scandals, intrigues, investigations
How the conflict between people and yeti ended

For a long time, the Valley of Green Hats on the border of Wurstland has been a place where serious passions flared up between yeti and humans. They could not find a common language in matters of sculpting snowmen and tying scarves, and especially fierce battles flared up around recipes for New Year's salads and tangerine peeling techniques. But on New Year's Eve, miracles happen, and a gift was sent from heaven, designed to unite the warring clans, who are ready to once again rush wall to wall. This gift was the nectar of the gods - aromatic mulled wine with cinnamon and intoxicating foam. When hands and paws are warmed with a hot drink from a bottomless cauldron, there is no room for strife, but there is a place for a gift for the deposit:

25 free spins on Yeti Battle of Greenhat Peak

To activate the gift, you must:
1. Go to your personal account.
2. Choose a gift at the box office.
3. Make a deposit of 500 rubles.
4. Learn yodel.

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